UKSSSC Assistant Agriculture Officer Syllabus

UKSSSC Assistant Agriculture Officer Syllabus


Definition and scope of Agronomy, Classification of field Crops, common standards of Edit generation: Climate, soil, soil arrangement, seed and sowing, culturing , water administration, supplement management, plant protection administration , collecting, sifting and capacity , mixed and inter­ editing, excrement and fertilizers, development of common crops- Cereal Crops : Wheat, Grain. Oat: oilseed Crops : Rapeseed and mustard Linseed, Sunflower beat; crops : Chick pea. field pea, Lentil. Rajmah, Hodder Crops : Oat, Berseem, Lucerne; Cash Crops : Potato, sugarcane, prescribed assortments , seed rate, time and strategy of sowing, water system, and fertilizer, weed controls, insect-pests and illnesses , harvesting, handling and abdicate . Soilsorigin and classification soil . residue, clay, sandy soil , physical and chemical properties of soil. Utilize of fertilizers, essential nutrients- nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, natural and inorganic fertilizers and their impacts on crops and soil. FYM and green manauring, water necessity of crops, estimation of water release, anticipation of misfortune of water, diverse strategies of water system

- flooding, bowl strategy, border /strip strategy , sprinkler and Trickle water framework. of abundance dampness, avoidance of arrangement of acidic and soluble soils and their management.

UNIT -II CA_NEWLINE_CA CA_NEWLINE_CA Ponder of green crops including prescribed assortments and (beneficiary primary highlights, reasonableness for different regions, time and method of sowing, manure and fertilizer, water system, maladies and bothers and their control, major vegetables like Potato, Brinjal, chillies, tomato. Cauliflower, Cabbage, knol khol. Onion, Watermelon. Okra, Radish, Carrot and Pea. cucurbits, bittergourd, bottlegourd, muskmelon, edge gourd, root crops-carrot, radish sweet potato, turnip, natural products vcgetables-tomato. bringal, botanical Classification of vegetables and natural products, pruning and preparing of natural product plants, Unfruitfulness, Fruit drop, Polyembryony. Parthenocarpy and incongruence. Hones included within the generation of natural products: Mango. Guava, Kagzi lime. Banana. Grape. Litchi, Papaya, Loquat, Aonla, Ber, Jack natural Item, Pear and Peach. generation techniques of manor crops: Coconut, Cashew nut. Tea Coffee and coca CA_NEWLINE_CA


CA_NEWLINE_CA Type of iron and steel, wood, plastic and tin utilized in agricultural actualizes and their shapes & properties. ponder of diverse sorts of ploughs-indigenous, chisel, revolving and plate furrow, their administration & taken a toll, choice of prime movers, water lifting devices; discharge, command region, taken a toll of distinctive framework; soil planning, strategies of furrowing, require for culturing, sorts of culturing, mechanical Control transmission through belts, pullies and gears, EC motor and its components. Classification of tractors, Basic information around fundamental components of tractor and their functions such as steering, clutches, transmission gears, differential and last drive. Early on rural economics-meaning and scope. generation - meaning, variables of generation such as land, work, capital and administration, properties of calculate of generation; law of returns; intensive and broad farming, law of request, relative costs and standard of living; Participation - meaning, standards of participation, arrive development banks: Agriculture-place in Five Year Plans; Expansion Instruction, Expansion Teaching and Learning. expansion and Country Development Programmes: Including T and V system, National Show, IRDP, Jawahar Rojgar Yozana.


CA_NEWLINE_CA Study of major breeds of dairy animals, buffalo, goat, sheep, poultry and Pig; Physiology and anatomy of dairy animals and buffalo; characteristics of good milch cow and buffalo, bulls and bullocks. Care and administration of pregnant bovine, poultry administration . Principles of nourishing of different classes of animals and poultry. Clean drain generation and support of cleanliness. Common medicines and vaccines used in treatment/prevention and control of creature illnesses; taking care of of creatures for treatment; castration. Operation surge, Drain and Drain items, Recognizable proof of Grown-up appraised, milk. Importance of farm’s animals and poultry in agriculture and Indian economy. Pathogenesis illness and immunization. The antigens, antibiotics, cleaning agents, The milk and its synthesis in mammary organs . Composition of drain of distinctive species and colostrum. Details composition and physio-chemical properties of bovine and buffalo’s drain. Components influencing quantity' and chemical composition of drain. Chemistry of drain constituents viz. lactose, fat, protein, proteins and vitamins, preservatives and adulterants of drain. Chemical changes happening during storage of drain. Classification of common nourishes and grains, low-cost balanced feeds. Assessment of vitality and protein esteem of feed. Processing strategies of animal feed stuffs. Preparing of drain for filtration, clarification, bactofugation, standardization, homogenization, cream separation­ centrifugation. Indigenous drain productspaneer, chhana, ghee, khoa, dahi. Other milk products­ cream, butter, ice-cream, condensed milk, milk powder, cheese, dairy by products. CA_NEWLINE_CA CA_NEWLINE_CA UNIT-V
CA_NEWLINE_CA Mendel’s Law’s of heredity, Chromosomal hypothesis of inheritance, meiosis and mitosis, Linkage and crossing over sorts- , component and centrality, Nucleic corrosive as hereditary materialstructure, replication, hereditary code and interpretation. Mutation - spontaneous and actuated . chromosomes and its determination in man and droisophila, sex linked characters. Mean as measures of central tendency-Mean, Median, Mode, Geometric Mean, Harmonic Mean. Weighted run Quartile Deviation, Variance, Standard Deviation and Coefficient of variation. Chemistry of Carbohydrates-Glucose, fructose. Galactose, Sucrose, Lactose, Maltose, Starch, Cellulose. Ammo acids. Lipids and greasy Vitamin Riboflavin and Nicotinic acid. Plant growth substances, photoperiodism and Vernalization, Insect Anatomy: Digestive, Excretory, Reproductive,Circulatory, Respiratory and Nervous systems of grasshopper. General introduction to Phylum Arthropoda, class Insecta, Mode of reproduction in crop plants in relation to breeding techniques. Genetic consequences of self and cross pollinated crops. Plant Introduction and exploration. Breeding self pollinated crops, population’s improvement. Mass selection, recurrent selection Breeding cross pollinated crops mass selection, family , and back cross methods. Classification of plant diseases according to cause and event . Pathogens: Fungi (Albugo. Erysiphe. Ustilago, Claviceps and Puccinia. Diagnositic characters of the following genera: Phytophthora, Peronospora, Sclerospora, Ustilago, Sphacelotheca, Tolyposporium, Melampsora. Alternaria, Cercospora, Fusarium. Helminthosporium, pyricularia. Rhizoclonia and Colletotrichum. Preliminary knowledge of hazards related to pesticide use. MRL. ADI, Mammalian Safety Ratio.Basic concept of Integrated Pest Management.

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