Syllabus Of Agriculture for UPPSC LT Grade Agri

Syllabus Of Farming for UPPSC LT Review Agri

Part-I Common Studies

(1) History of India and Indian National development: In History of India accentuation ought to be on wide understanding of social, financial and politic angles of Indian history. Within the Indian National development, the candidates are anticipated to have concise see of the flexibility development, development of nationalist and fulfillment of Independence.

(2) Indian and World Geology: Physical, Social, Financial Geology of India and the World: Questions on the Topography of India will relate to Physical, Social financial& Geology of India. In World Geology as it were common understanding of the subject will be expected.

(3) Indian nation and administration structure Political framework, Panchayati Raj open& Arrangement, rights- issues etc - Indian nation and Administration questions will test information of country’s Structure, political- framework counting Panchayati Raj and Community Development.

(4) Indian Economy and Social Advancement: The candidates will be tried with- regard to issues and relationship between populace . Environment, urbanization wide highlights of financial arrangement in India and Indian Culture.

(5) Current occasions of National and universal significance This will too incorporate questions on Diversions & Sports. CA_NEWLINE_CA

(6) Indian farming The candidates will be anticipated to have common Understanding of farming in India, agrarian deliver and its marketing.

(7) Common Science: Questions On Common Science will cover common appreciation and Understanding of science including matters of ordinary perception and extraordinary think about of any logical teach. This will also incorporate questions on part of science and innovation within the advancement of India.

(8) Rudimentary Arithmetic up to course 10th level: Number-crunching. Polynomial math and Geometry.

Part-11 Primary Subject (Agriculture)

Agronomy: Definition, concept, scope and advancement of Agronomy, Climate based classification of crops. Environmental components influencing edit generation. Climate figure. Logical development of vital cereals, beats, Oil seeds, grain. Fiber and cash crops.

Cultivation: Concept of cultivation, its significance and scope. Orcharding and kitchen cultivating. Logical development of major natural products and vegetable crops of U.P. Standards and strategies of natural product and vegetable preserv ation. Causes of decay of natural products and vegetable products. CA_NEWLINE_CA CA_NEWLINE_CA Soil Science: Definition of soil. Soil arrangement and advancement Physical, Chemical and Biological properties of soil. Soils of U.P. Basic plant supplements and their insufficiency indications. Manures,fertilizers and biofertilizers, problem soils and their recovery. Soil disintegration , causes and control measures. Soil testing. CA_NEWLINE_CA CA_NEWLINE_CA Retention of water and plant supplements . Elementary thought of photosynthesis, breath and transpiration. Types of seed and their quality. CA_NEWLINE_CA

Water system and Water administration Sources and strategies of water framework Quality of water framework water. Dampness preservation Sorts of drainagc-thcir merits and demerits. CA_NEWLINE_CA CA_NEWLINE_CA Classification of pesticides, control measures of distinctive weeds, creepy crawlies illnesses of critical cereal, natural products and vegetable crops.

Agrarian designing cultivate apparatus and their upkeep. Culturing, intercultural and splashing equipments.

CA_NEWLINE_CA Animal Cultivation: Vital breeds of dairy animals, buffaloes, sheep and goats. Methods of animal breeding. Principles of nourishing. Upkeep and generation proportion: Depiction, indications, conclusion and medicines of bacillus anthracis, foot and mouth, infection, rinderpest, mastitis and drain fever.

Rural Expansion Instruction: Cultivate records. Revenue records of property: Town and agricultural development programmes of Central and State Governments Agricultural Colleges, KVK and other expansion organizations.


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